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  1. Wow I have been looking for help for my son hes 41 and TBI survivor. I’m so glad to found you. He had a subdermal Hematoma surgery. To make along story short because of his problems he’s been in prison his lack of consiquinces an kind heart has put drugs in his life. I have been burnt out.

  2. Thank you for all that you do to help others . I have an amazing eye Dr Hillmer that is helping me seek the help I need in Fargo ND . I told him about you and me learning more from you then my Drs all I hear is it will take time maybe 7 years . Never help

  3. Thank you Amy, I found you on YouTube this morning (12/10/19) … & just forgot what I was going to say… so will start with… on May 5 2019 8:30 pm… . I was bent over moving a box in the garage when the garage door fell on my head. I didn’t go to hospital till the next morning because I kept repeating ‘I’m ok!’ … because hey, I’m alive & not paralyzed! When I went to bed I assessed numbness in my hands & face & said out loud “fu@k! I should probably not go to sleep!” The next thing I remember was waking up. Again I’m saying ‘I’m ok!’ … then I looked on fb … I had posted about the door hitting me & everyone was freaked out… as I responded listing my symptoms to assure everyone I was ok I realized from the list I needed to get to the hospital!! I happen to be a chiropractor & I would’ve immediately sent a patient for evaluation! I am now on day 215 … it’s not a good day … (I forgot my point again) …. just thank you for being on the tube this morning.

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