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  1. Wow I have been looking for help for my son hes 41 and TBI survivor. I’m so glad to found you. He had a subdermal Hematoma surgery. To make along story short because of his problems he’s been in prison his lack of consiquinces an kind heart has put drugs in his life. I have been burnt out.

  2. Thank you for all that you do to help others . I have an amazing eye Dr Hillmer that is helping me seek the help I need in Fargo ND . I told him about you and me learning more from you then my Drs all I hear is it will take time maybe 7 years . Never help

  3. Thank you Amy, I found you on YouTube this morning (12/10/19) … & just forgot what I was going to say… so will start with… on May 5 2019 8:30 pm… . I was bent over moving a box in the garage when the garage door fell on my head. I didn’t go to hospital till the next morning because I kept repeating ‘I’m ok!’ … because hey, I’m alive & not paralyzed! When I went to bed I assessed numbness in my hands & face & said out loud “fu@k! I should probably not go to sleep!” The next thing I remember was waking up. Again I’m saying ‘I’m ok!’ … then I looked on fb … I had posted about the door hitting me & everyone was freaked out… as I responded listing my symptoms to assure everyone I was ok I realized from the list I needed to get to the hospital!! I happen to be a chiropractor & I would’ve immediately sent a patient for evaluation! I am now on day 215 … it’s not a good day … (I forgot my point again) …. just thank you for being on the tube this morning.

  4. Hi Amy. My son Jory came on group today and loved it. He has quite a bit of brain damage from his 2 strokes and 3 aneurysms. I would love to join him in the 6 week course however he needs outside motivation besides just me and his short term memory is not functioning so he forgets pretty much everything. I’m so sorry I don’t ever ever underestimate him. He’s a total warrior and I’m his mother that will moved mountains to help him. Do you think this course would work for him? I need to get it signed up for by tomorrow to get the best price as it’s hard for us but we can do it and will do it at the early bird rate. I’m hoping he can participate effectively.

    What are your thoughts? Would me calling you work better for a brief discussion prior to him signing up? It’s completely up to you! Thanks so much for the amazing meeting today. It’s was absolutely beautiful and such a sweet blessing for both of us.

    Janet and Jory
    Lincoln NE

  5. I just got an email about the Bingo event and I wanted to register for it, but the address I was sent to wouldn’t let me register. I’m hoping that you can help me!

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