Sponsorship Opportuities Available

I am creating some sponsorship opportunities for interested parties. Whether you’re a doctor, professional, provider, philanthropist, or someone who is passionate about TBI and concussion awareness, I appreciate your support!

As you are probably aware, I am a dedicated advocate to creating awareness about the devastating consequences of TBI and concussions. I am a TBI survivor approaching my 10-year anniversary and have created a loyal following on social media, email, and in-person.

I have published five books (with a sixth on it’s way in 2024 to celebrate my 10th anniversary), created a podcast, a facebook group, and also present across the country at numerous brain injury conferences and events. Additionally I weave TBI into everything I do in the “normal” world as well.

If you have any questions on the sponsorship levels, or would like to discuss creating a package specifically for you, email: amyzellmertbi at gmail

Statistics and Demographics:
Amy’s TBI Tribe – 10,900 engaged members
Social Media Reach – over 55,000 across multiple platforms
Email Reach – over 9,000
Podcast Downloads – Over 3,000 per month
Podcast subscribers – Over 1,400 on Apple Podcasts alone
Top Countries: US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia
77% female with a median age of 45


1. Social Media Sponsor: Receive a write-up on my blog either about you, your company, your mission, or your product. The post will be shared on social media (facebook, linkedin, instagram) as well as other social media mentions up to four times (in a one month period). I have a combined reach of over 55,000 across all platforms.
Cost: $250 per month or $3,000 for the year

2. TBI Tribe Group Sponsor: Receive a mention as a major sponsor on the banner of my Facebook group of 10,800 members and growing. Additionally, receive a write-up on my blog and distributed through my email list recognizing you as the current sponsor. You are also encouraged to engage and interact on posts within the group (at your discretion).
Cost: $1,000 per quarter or $4,000 for the year

3. “TBI Talks” Sponsor: We will record “TBI TV” live in my Facebook group and on all my other pages 2-3 times per month. This video is then transcribed and summarized as a blog post, and distributed through my email list, and lives on my YouTube channel under “TBI TV.” Additionally, we promote the dates ahead of time on social media and through email.
Cost: $1,800 per quarter or $6,000 for the year

4. Podcast Sponsor: Receive a commercial as the podcast sponsor of my weekly podcast “Faces of TBI” (available on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts). This podcast has developed a loyal following over the past 8 years and 240 episodes. With over 3,000 downloads per month, it is in the top 5% of all podcasts worldwide.
Cost: $2,500 per quarter (approx $200per episode) or for a substantial discount of
$8,000 for the year  (approx $150 per episode)

5. Concussion Discussions Summit Sponsor: Receive mention as the sponsor at the beginning of each video in this series, as well as on all promotional and follow up emails. Additional coverage as the sponsor will be distributed on social media leading up to and during the live summit, as well as on the banner in the private FB group.  Additionally you will receive the full list of new attendees who register for the summit (approx 3,000). In addition to those registered, it also goes out to our entire email list. Also, you will be included in the Concussion Discussions Volume 3 Anthology and listed as the collaborator.  www.concussiondiscussions.com
Cost: $7,500 

6. Concussion Discussions Volume 3 Contributor: Be a part of this growing anthology and summit series. Your article will be included in this year’s anthology (fall 2024 release), and you will also be recorded and part of the video summit series. Includes professional editing, formatting, printing, an online launch party, Kickstarter promotion, and much more. Download full PDF
Cost: $1,500

Lock in your sponsorship by clicking the payment amount. You will be directed to Paypal to check out (you can pay by credit/debit card if you like by clicking that option underneath the login)

NOTE: there is no exclusivity on any of the above sponsorship levels. If you wish to consider being an exclusive sponsor, please let me know how we can work together for a win-win partnership!