A New Year’s Gift For You | Brain Yoga Practice

As we near the end of 2020 I always reflect on all that I have accomplished the past year. I am grateful for all that I have been able to do, learn, and see. 2020 has been an incredible year of growth for me … as I continued my yoga studies, became a Reiki practitioner, and dove deeper into mindfulness and EFT.

I believe it is these tools that allowed me to become more resilient and not let things (like this dumpster fire year) affect me in the same way they would have 5 years ago. I am no longer that person, and I am grateful for the new person I have become.

I hope that you can see all of the blessings in your 2020, and I encourage you to make a list of everything you were able to do, learn, or accomplish. Nothing is too small to not matter!!

I have created a New Year’s GIFT for you …
to thank you for being here, to celebrate you, and just for fun!

In this 20 minute ‘brain yoga’ practice, I guide you through gentle poses to help you wake up your body and mind, as well as increase balance and stability.
I really hope you enjoy it!

With much gratitude for you, cheers to an amazing 2021.
~ Amy

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