Bullies vs Supporters

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen my very raw, real, and emotional video Friday night about the bullying and personal attacks that have happened to me over the past few weeks. (if you missed it, you can watch it HERE….. be warned it’s about 20 minutes long and I use a lot of f-bombs)I wanted to reach out and THANK each and every one of you that took the time to comment on the video or send me a personal message. Your words meant the world to me. The support and encouragement I have received from so many of you shows me that you all “got my back“!

The fact that these attacks have come from others in the TBI community is a bit unsettling. I realize that we all have different cognitive problems, and some lack filters and awareness, but at the core we should ALL have a moral compass and understand right from wrong. We should never want to inflict harm on others.My integrity and intentions were questioned and attacked by other TBI’ers. Anyone who has taken the time to know me understands that my passion is what drives me. I was treated poorly by family and friends when I first had my brain injury….. this led me to start writing….. which led me on this crazy and amazing journey of TBI awareness and advocacy.

To accuse me of scamming or taking advantage of other TBI folks is slander…… and at their core they have to know it is untrue. Shame on them for stooping so low. To accuse me of not actually having a brain injury is just plain ignorance….. making them no better than the person who has flung accusations at them.I do what I do because I am passionate about helping other TBI’ers know they’re not alone — to inspire them and instill hope. Also to help the world understand the reality of this invisible injury that affects MILLIONS of us each year around the globe.

Here is a wonderful acronym that many have shared with me this weekend, it applies in both spoken and written word (especially on the internet, when words can be mistaken).

Before you speak/write, THINK:
T = is it true?
H – is it hurtful?
I = is it inspiring?
N = is it necessary?
K = is it kind?

The choice is simple: if you don’t like me….. leave me!
unsubscribe from my newsletter, remove yourself from the TBI Tribe, unfriend me on Facebook, stop following me on social media — do any or all of these… but DO NOT attack me. This negative energy serves no one, the attacker included. Negativity breeds negativity. Instead of trying to tear someone down, let’s all lift each other up.   

{Building Amy’s Empire}

Some asshat accused me of trying to build an empire…. so instead of letting that word harm me, I am going to use it to empower me! 

I was encouraged by several of my supporters to create a “dream team” of other TBI’ers who WANT to help me spread awareness and WANT to help me succeed as an advocate. If this is YOU….. comment below!!!!!

Let’s turn some lemons into lemonade and show those haters what we’re made of!! (what’s that saying about “safety in numbers”?!?)