#NOTINVISIBLE Care Package | TBI Awareness

For a limited time I am offering a care package that includes:
1 sticker
2 buttons
2 wrist bands
and 10 random packages will receive a secret surprise!
Cost: $5 plus $1 US shipping (US only)
If you’ve come to one of my live events you likely received a FREE button and wristband, however, I am receiving a lot of requests from folks who haven’t been able to attend an event … so here you go! Your wish is my command!! Just in time for Brain Injury Awareness Month — though I wear my green ribbons all year long!
(only US shipping available)
Proceeds from the care packages will go directly towards the #NOTINVISIBLE awareness campaign to purchase more supplies for the attendees!! Help us spread awareness by sporting a button and wrist band!

3 thoughts on “#NOTINVISIBLE Care Package | TBI Awareness

  1. Hi lovely Amy,
    If somehow you do post the care package or the T-shirts all the way over to Australia please let me know.
    Thank you so much for what you are doing🌹
    Just ordered your book on Amazon as well, looking already forward to reading it 🌺
    Have a wonderful day,
    Daniela 🐝

  2. it’s hard to believe my and my daughters 11 year survivor is coming soon. and I am still finding new things. I’ve just come across the email for the magazine and… the bracelet, pin and sticker package caught my eye. I asked my husband to come and see it and told him that’s what I want for Christmas. smiling I know chances of this happening by Christmas are slim to none. but excited to give my daughter the 2nd bracelet and pin. I’ll be checking out your Facebook Page as well

  3. Hello Amy, you’ve been such an inspiration in my recovery from DAI, thank you for all you do. It would be wonderful if the care packages could be available internationally one day – I’m British & in Switzerland. I would never mind paying the extra postage.
    Maybe something to consider for the future!
    Jo 💚

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