Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare | Amy Zellmer Interview |

This fall I was approached by the Communications Department at Gillette Children’s Hospital in Saint Paul. She had heard from numerous patient’s about my book, and was interested in interviewing me for an upcoming feature article for their patient blog which would run sometime in the winter.

Yesterday morning I received an email that the article was live on their blog, and how it was completely ironic as the entire Twin Cities was covered in a sheet of ice that morning — and both myself and the other gal featured in the article sustained our TBIs as the result of slipping on ice! 

The article turned out wonderful and I am so pleased to be a part of it and help spread awareness. Young children who suffer a hit to the head are often overlooked. Either because they don’t understand that they actually injured themselves, or because no one knows how to react. I mean, children fall all the time, right?!

My biggest piece of advice to parents is this: YOU know your child better than anyone. If they aren’t acting their “normal” you need to get them to a doctor. If the doctor seems dismissive, TAKE THEM TO GILLETTE!! (or a hospital near you that specializes in children). Whether they seem “off” to you, or maybe their memory is really bad, or they keep running into things, keep a watchful eye on them. Younger children who are hurt NOT playing sports are often overlooked the most, as they oftentimes don’t tell anyone they hit their head.

You can read the full article HERE.

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