I survived a Gala

HRCOn Saturday night I attended the Human Rights Campaign “red carpet gala” in Minneapolis. It’s the first “big” outing i’ve attended in the past 19 months. I managed to walk 17,000 steps that night (in heels), and interacted with people for about 3 hours. I listened to speakers/presenters for about an hour. In the moment, I actually felt pretty good and was proud of my body/brain for doing so well.

I slept pretty much all day Sunday, still felt miserable yesterday, and I am still feeling the effects TODAY! Unreal how what many take for granted as a simple outing, puts us into a tailspin for DAYS!! I have been popping ibuprofen, icing my neck, and drinking LOTS of water in an attempt to recover.

TBI isn’t something that you can “just recover” from….. it takes years, and even then you may never make a full recovery. Our brains are easily over stimulated and shut down on us after too much. Everyone has different symptoms and reacts to situations differently, as no two brain injuries are alike. ‪#‎TBI‬ ‪#‎awareness‬