Guided Meditations for YOU

Hello and Seasons Greetings!!

I wish I could come over there and hug you and then cheers a glass of sparkling juice with you.

No matter what kind of year it’s been for you, no matter what got shaken up, lost, or unfettered, I know it was a year, and we made it through.

And while we have work to do to emerge from the ashes of 2020, I wanted to give you a moment of pause.

Here’s a holiday gift to you to enjoy amidst the chaos to thank you for being here, to celebrate you, and just for fun:  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR GIFTS

I have recorded TWO guided meditations for you:
Body Gratitude” and “Breath Away Anxiousness

Additionally, I have also given you my Gratitude Worksheet.
I really hope you enjoy them!

I’m looking forward to bringing you more resources and educational materials in the coming year, and having a new reason to raise a glass of sparkling juice besides
just making it through the year!

What are you going to be raising a glass for in 2021?

With much gratitude for you, happy holidays and a VERY happy New Year.
~ Amy

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