My Muse & Inspiration

scarsFor those who’ve wondered where I get my energy and motivation to continue writing about traumatic brain injury (TBI) on The Huffington Post, or deciding to publish my book on the subject: THIS, THIS is where:

Hi Amy,
I read your Life with a Traumatic Brain Injury article last night. I cried my way through it.

My 14 year old daughter fell off the top of my husbands truck 8 months ago trying to take a picture of the sunset. She loves photography and loves sunsets. She was home alone with her younger sister at the time and called me to tell me how pretty the sunset was. She told me she was going to take a picture. Had she mentioned that she was going to climb on top of a truck to take that picture, things might be different then they are today.
I sent her your article and she came to me in tears, telling me she could have written it. That everything you wrote, she feels. That she doesn’t even like telling people anymore what happened, but feels judged when it takes her a bit to count out her money for her chai. the simple tasks are no longer simple. I, as a mom, feel helpless.

But you have helped us both. She is not alone. Others are out there that know how she feels. She is one determined, bright girl.
THANK you for opening up!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

**a friend sent me this photo, and it really hit my heart!!