Write Your Story | Be Part of the Book | Faces of Traumatic Brain Injury

typewriter copyHave you wanted to write your story and share it with the world? Here is your chance!

We are soliciting stories to be included in an anthology of TBI survivor  AND caregiver stories — and we need YOURS!

So brew some coffee, open your laptop, and stretch out those fingers. Submit your story, and yours may be one of the stories selected to be published!

Stories should be between 500-2000 words, and written as well as you are able, and should be interesting and evoke emotion. Don’t let your writing skills hold you back as an editorial team will help with grammar and clarity.

Consider these questions as you write:
* how and when did you acquire your brain injury?
* how long was your recovery?
* what are/have been your biggest obstacles?
* how do you want others to feel while reading your story?
* what message do you want to deliver to the world?
* how can your story help other survivors/caregivers in their recovery?

Need some inspiration? Read chapter one of my book on Huffington Post, or purchase your autographed copy here. Need more 1-on-1 support and guidance? Check out my TBI coaching package here.

To submit your story for consideration please fill out the online form: HERE.

Stories chosen for publication will receive a free copy of the book as well as an author kit with further instructions. There is no monetary compensation.

Stories need to be AT LEAST 500 words to be included in the book. An ideal number is 800-1200 words.

I suggest you type it out in a Word document and then copy/paste into the online submission form.

You must be willing to use your full (real) name if you wish to be published in the book.

You are writing this story to share with other survivors and caregivers…. so think of the message you want to relay to them (ie: inspiring, insightful, evoke hope, etc).

Submissions are CLOSED!!! We have 90 contributors, and successfully raised production costs on Kickstarter!