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typewriter copyHave you wanted to write your story and share it with the world? Here is your chance!

We are soliciting stories to be included in an anthology of TBI survivor  AND caregiver stories — and we need YOURS!

So brew some coffee, open your laptop, and stretch out those fingers. Submit your story, and yours may be one of the stories selected to be published!

Stories should be between 500-2000 words, and written as well as you are able, and should be interesting and evoke emotion. Don’t let your writing skills hold you back as an editorial team will help with grammar and clarity.

Consider these questions as you write:
* how and when did you acquire your brain injury?
* how long was your recovery?
* what are/have been your biggest obstacles?
* how do you want others to feel while reading your story?
* what message do you want to deliver to the world?
* how can your story help other survivors/caregivers in their recovery?

Need some inspiration? Read chapter one of my book on Huffington Post, or purchase your autographed copy here. Need more 1-on-1 support and guidance? Check out my TBI coaching package here.

To submit your story for consideration please fill out the online form: HERE.

Stories chosen for publication will receive a free copy of the book as well as an author kit with further instructions. There is no monetary compensation.

Stories need to be AT LEAST 500 words to be included in the book. An ideal number is 800-1200 words.

I suggest you type it out in a Word document and then copy/paste into the online submission form.

You must be willing to use your full (real) name if you wish to be published in the book.

You are writing this story to share with other survivors and caregivers…. so think of the message you want to relay to them (ie: inspiring, insightful, evoke hope, etc).

Submissions are CLOSED!!! We have 90 contributors, and successfully raised production costs on Kickstarter!

39 thoughts on “Write Your Story | Be Part of the Book | Faces of Traumatic Brain Injury

  1. I am interested and am looking into this . Is there an endgame for submissions?
    Thank you for your work, and response,

  2. I will be sending you my story Amy. My biggest stumbling block has been a Dr who conducted an interview and testing 6 months after my car accident. She concluded I did not suffer a TBI following my car accident because I didn’t lose consciousness. An ambulance report stated I was combative. I have no memory of the accident. I know I am not the same person. Drs can inflict as much damage onto TBI people (I don’t refer to myself as a victim) as the original injury. Thank you for writing this book.

  3. I would like to get in on this! I don’t know how much I can say, but my mom can give the parts that I was unconscious for. Living out in the middle of nowhere doesn’t give me much options for telling my story, so I’m glad I found this!

  4. Why is this limited to only traumatic brain injuries? Why not include stories from caregivers of those with acquired brain injury? I have to say how disappointing it is to see efforts to fight bias immersed in bias.

  5. I would like to tell my son’s story – with his permission of course. Is that acceptable? I have a rather unique perspective having worked with patients with TBI for many years prior to his accident. However, mostly I would like to write about the experience we experience as a family.

  6. I loved your article today. I had a tbi 5 years ago and still have a list of symptoms that won’t go away.

  7. I would like to tell the first person story of how my brain worked when I first woke up and the journey it took me on. The intersection of no filters, ptsd, spacial unawareness and short term memory challenges created a crazy dr who tardis that transported me (and my family – bless their patience!) to my 2-3 year old world with grown up long term memories. Like a weird Benjamin Buttons kind o’ thing. I am highly functioning now and am grateful that I can remember enough patches of this journey to have a first person story. I may have some holes in the timeline, but the emotions, frustrations, joys (yes, unique joys only this state can create) and problem solving “solutions” have stayed with me to remember the journey. Am looking forward to reading other journeys too.

  8. I apologize in advance if this question offends you, but I would like to know why the writers will not receive financial compensation. Who will benefit from the royalties received from book sales? I only ask because I am aware of the financial struggles of many people with TBI, and while I would like to encourage my family member to write for you, I want to be sure that she is not being exploited. Thank you

    • This is a self-published book, meaning there are no “royalties” per se. With that said, I am the one putting all of the time, energy, and resources into the production of the book. There isn’t nearly as much profit on books as many think there are.
      This is an opportunity to have your name in a published anthology, and it is industry standard in the publishing world to receive a copy of the book as compensation (I am part of about 5 anthologies, and all have worked this way).
      Any money I receive from the sales of books goes directly back into my advocacy efforts to help others.
      If it doesn’t feel right for you, that’s totally fine!

      • Thank you for your open and frank response to my question – I will pass thais one….. Best of luck with the book

  9. I would like to share my story and trials I’ve faced since my TBI. interestingly, I received this email on the eve of my accident anniversary that changed my life forever! I’ve been through a lot and I know I still have a long road of recovery ahead of me…I guess my desire to be “normal” again is what keeps me going! I pray everyday and never take no for an answer!

  10. Omg! Thank god for people like you helping to help tbi people get understood. We have a Dr. Janet Belitsky who volunteers support group which I encourage anyone with a tbi to attend, I waited because of transportation, Iam so sorry I didn’t get the proper help early due to only having medicare and liability auto ins. If you are on limited income and limited insurance you are out of luck for getting to and from therapy, friends and family can’t and don’t have the time to sit and hold your hand day and night and it’s hard for them to understand you, when I can’t understand what happen to me, why I can’t get on with my old life I wouldn’t believe this if someone told me. Iam in a daily battle with my brain everyday.

  11. Hello , Is it to late for my to tell my story. Im an ruptured aneurysm survivor . And have had a 2nd brain operation since. Would love help people .

      • Um ok, I will try and do that. May not have all the correct medical terms right. But will send it through and you can See if it will help others. Thank you for this opportunity. x

  12. Hello, Ive nearly finished my story. My husband will send through in the morning. Thank you so much. Have a great weekend.

  13. Hello Amy,
    Ive sent my story, I appreciate you letting me send it now.
    Thank you so much
    I hope you get lots of amazing stories and all the best with your book
    No matter what


  14. Hello Amy, I’m a spontaneous carotid artery dissection survivor. I’m just now finding this. I have what I think is a very interesting journey of faith and recovery! I’m sorry I couldn’t get this to you when you where excepting submissions because I’ve told my story to other survivors to my message of positive mental outlook has resonated well with other survivors I’m a current member of the mill house in Richmond, va. And I look forward to meeting you on Friday march 10th! Take care,
    Tim horton

  15. Hi,
    I am a TBI and struggling. It has only been 10 months. I am surviving but it’s so hard. My husband bears the brunt of my frustration, when I cannot get what is in my head out and explained. I’m scared.
    I have nebee been like this. I even made me a time out section of our deck to go and try to get my brain
    to calm down. It seems the more frustrated the more confused I become and it spirals and I say things in the moment you can’t take back. I have been forgiven so many times yet I just want the things in my head I want to say to come out and somehow between point a and b it never happens. The time out is a safe place for me to try to hit the reset button. I’m trying and failing. I get so tired failing at a simple sentence I just want give up. I am
    Still in physical therapy, speech therapy and therapy for both of us for after injury. I’m not or I wasn’t a mean hateful person. I love my husband so much he is my hero my rock. I guess I am
    Not a good candidate for the book, just scared I’m crazy now. How can I not just say a sentence? How can I just get out what I want in an adult conversation? I am alive and I never should have survived. And yet it seems I am selfish and self
    Centered and mean. When I want to be grateful and give back what kindness I have
    And show my husband I’m not a monster.
    The episodes are fewer but I can never erase them
    And in top of a brain like this my heart is broken.

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