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Whether you have a friend, co-worker, loved one, or simply want to treat yourself as a survivor — I have created The TBI Gift Giving Guide just for you!!

I have taken the guesswork out of gift-giving, as any survivor would be thrilled to receive items off this list!!
Each of the items on the list have been hand picked by me and many of the items have been created by fellow TBI survivors — I am all about supporting each other in this community! (there are a few “products” on the list that I use every day and highly recommend)
Of course, I have to start off the list with my own book because I really truly do believe in it and feel that it should be required reading for all healthcare professionals, students, caregivers, and survivors. 
1. Life With a Traumatic Brain Injury: Finding the Road Back to Normal – by Amy Zellmer

This book is a collection of her short articles, most of which were originally published on The Huffington Post. Learn about what it means to have a TBI as you read about her struggles and frustrations, like the days she can’t remember how to run the microwave, or how she gets lost driving to familiar places. Understand what it’s like to suffer fatigue and exhaustion after doing a simple task that most take for granted.This book is perfect for TBI survivors, their caregivers, friends and loved ones. It is a great book for survivors to give to their supporters so that they, too, can understand what those with TBI are dealing with on a daily basis.
2. Michael: My Brother, Lost Boy of INXS– by Tina Hutchence & Jen Jewel Brown
The life and death of the legendary lead singer of INXS, as remembered by his sister Tina. He died at only 37 but his fans are legion. INXS singer/songwriter Michael Hutchence fronted a band that was the biggest in the world. Huge through the 1980s across the globe, INXS broke the mould by merging dance and rock with a sexy, infectious romanticism. Michael’s big sister Tina Hutchence has teamed up with rock writer Jen Jewel Brown to create a book blazing with love and adventure. Tina adored Michael from the start. From a twelve-year-old holding him newborn in her arms to being his teenage nanny on the fringe of wild bushland in Sydney’s north, she remained his trusted confidant until his sudden death at 37.
3. Hope Survives CD –  by Cristabelle Braden
Album released March 2017, followed by the”Hope Survives Tour”, supporting brain injury awareness in partnership with Hope After Head Injury – with two legs of the tour: 5 weeks in the spring through the eastern US and 4 weeks in the fall through the south & midwest US.
4. TBI Healing Box – by Grace Quantock
I collaborated with Grace to create this Healing Box specific to TBI. These are some of the exact items that helped me cope with my injuries after my accident, and I know how comforting they can be. If you have a friend or loved one who has recently suffered a concussion or TBI, they would absolutely LOVE to receive this gift, I know I would have!
5. Hoodie Sweatshirt – by Brain Injury Alliance of Wisconsin
The Brain Injury Alliance of Wisconsin will be selling “Not All Injuries Are Visible” T-shirts and hoodies for a limited time this holiday season. T-shirts are $15, and hoodies are $30. Pre-orders only. Orders must be placed by Monday, Nov. 20. Items will be printed and shipped shortly thereafter (guaranteed for Christmas). There is a flat shipping rate, so the more you order, the better the deal.
6. LoveYourBrain – by Kevin Pearce 
Kevin’s experience brought to light the significance of TBI and its impact on his life and those around him. They have a collection of items for sale in their store, with all proceeds benefiting the LoveYourBrain Foundation — which helps send survivors to a week-long wellness retreat, attend free LoveYourBrain yoga classes, and so much more.
7. CBD Oil – by Entangled Biome 
I have been using this product to help me sleep and for pain relief. Hemp derived CBD oil is made from the Cannabis plant with less than .03% THC and is legal in all 50 states. Read the complete article I wrote reviewing this product HERE.
Receive 15% off your first order with code: 15Tribe2018
8. Rezzimax 
I met owner Sharik Peck in Utah and instantly fell in love with his product. Designed to stimulate the Vagus nerve and regulate the Central Nervous System, this product is a must-have for all clinicians and patients. The Tuner is a portable, hand-held device you can use anywhere. With the push of a button while on your break at work, while traveling, or from the comfort of your own home you can ease a headache and be smiling again in minutes. The Tuner combines resonance and progressive stress-management techniques to relieve chronic pain – without the need for expensive and addictive medications. Receive 25% off with code: sharikfamily
9. TheraSpecs
TheraSpecs are precision tinted, thoughtfully designed eyewear that filter out the harmful light that triggers migraines, headaches, eyestrain, and other conditions. TheraSpecs are thoughtfully designed to reduce pressure on the head and are durable for all-day wear. Available in an array of styles, they come with indoor or outdoor lenses, which means whether you’re looking for migraine glasses, migraine sunglasses, computer glasses or glasses for fluorescent lighting, we have you covered. Receive $10 off with code: FACESOFTBI
10. Young Living Essential Oils
If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that I am a HUGE fan of essential oils, and that quality is of utmost important when using these powerful oils. I have been using EO’s for over 5 years to help me in my journey of brain health and mental clarity. You can sign up for FREE educational resources here: www.facesoftbi.com/eo and if you’re ready to get started in the wonderful world of oils you can sign  up here: https://yl.pe/5n47
11. TheraCane
This product has been critical to my well-being and it goes everywhere with me when I travel.

  • Cane shaped massager for easing aches and pains
  • Eliminate painful knots in your muscles on your own
  • 6 treatment balls for total body massage

12. Sleep/Noise Machine
This product also goes everywhere with me when I travel, to help eliminate outside noise and create a calming environment in which to sleep. It is actual air being circulated through the machine, vs. fake digital noises created by other models.

13. How to Feed a Brain – by Cavin Balaster & Elisabeth Wilson
Want to optimize your brain function? This book teaches you about specific brain-supporting nutrients, how these nutrients affect us, and what we can eat to support our brain function. The author is a survivor of a severe traumatic brain injury that left him comatose with less than a 10% chance of regaining consciousness beyond a vegetative state. In this book, he shares real-life stories of how he used nutrition in his own brain recovery, along with scientific studies and research explaining why and how nutrition makes such a difference in our brain function. The book includes downloads to printable charts, lists, and user-friendly handouts to take to the grocery store or put on the refrigerator so that readers can easily apply what they learn to optimally feed their brains.

14. Midwest Functional Neurology Center
Many of you know my journey and the struggle of finding a doctor who believed me and knew how to help me. Then I finally met Dr. Jeremy Schmoe at 2.5 years into my recovery. You can read my full article on how he helped me here: http://huff.to/2jjgBh1

14. After the Cheering Stops – by Cyndy Feasel
Former NFL wife Cyndy Feasel tells the tragic story of her family’s journey into chaos and darkness resulting from the damage her husband suffered due to football-related concussions and head trauma—and the faith that saved her.


FREEBIE ALERT!! Here is a list of FREE magazines and podcasts that anyone is sure to enjoy!!
1. TBI TV – by Amy Zellmer
2. TBI Hope & Inspiration Magazine – by David Grant
3. The Challenge! Magazine – by the Brain Injury Association of America
4. Faces of TBI Podcast series – by Amy Zellmer
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