Therapeutic Selfies

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Somewhere along the line, I began taking selfies when I wasn’t feeling well, instead of only pointing the camera at my face when I was feeling well and having a good day.

At some point I began to realize you could totally see the pain on my face, and sometimes when my face went numb you could even see the right side drooping. I found this all fascinating, and almost a bit therapeutic, odd as that seems.

The upper left is a relatively healthy, feeling-pretty-good kind of day.
The upper right is a moderate headache (probably once a week)
Lower left is a pretty rough headache (probably once a month)
Lower right is about three days after I fell.

I only have one selfie from the early part of my recovery because it didn’t even occur to me to take any. Hard to believe I was formerly a queen of selfies LOL.

It also didn’t occur to me to take photos of the driveway where I fell, even after the insurance company asked for them. AND I’M A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER…. this makes me laugh…. and it’s good to be able to laugh when going through this lonely journey.

As painful as it can be to look at yourself and see how different you look, it is a bit of a healing process to be able to look through the images, and see that you are starting to have more good days than bad days. I encourage you to start a selfie routine when you’re feeling a bit like crap, you’ll be surprised at how therapeutic it can be!!