Upcoming Book About INXS Front Man, Michael Hutchence, to Feature Quote From Amy Zellmer |

michael hutchence, inxs, tbi, brain injury, concussion, tina hutchence,I am so excited to announce the upcoming book by Tina Hutchence, “Michael: My Brother, Lost Boy of INXS” is due out this September and features a quote from ME! 

I was approached by Tina, who is the sister of the late Michael Hutchence – front man and lead singer of INXS – if she could use a quote from one of my articles she had found on Huffington Post.

This news came the morning after I had received a really nasty email from one of my haters, so it really impacted me to know that my work is reaching thousands (if not millions) of people around the entire world.


I am much more emotional since my brain injury, as well as more intuitive. When I started chatting with Tina, I immediately knew I was going to become fast friends with her, and that her work was going to impact SOOO many people, and help create yet another conversation around TBI and how it affects more than 3.5 million Americans each year — and worldwide it is the number one cause of death.

Michael committed suicide in 1997 at the young age of 37. In her book, Tina talks about the challenges he must have faced living with a TBI and taking the stage — with flashing lights and loudsounds — every night on tour.

—–> LISTEN to the PODCAST replay HERE <—–

Read more about Tina and the pre-order herbook HERE.

7 thoughts on “Upcoming Book About INXS Front Man, Michael Hutchence, to Feature Quote From Amy Zellmer |

  1. Hi, Amy: Congratulations on this wonderful accomplishment! I had no idea Michael Hutchence had experienced a TBI. Also, I am very curious how you can possibly have “haters”. Makes no sense to me.

    I look forward to hearing the podcast with Tina. Please let me know if you are interested in me doing a podcast about financial planning considerations for TBI survivors.

    Best regards,

    Lori Leathers

    • and because it was the 90’s docs didn’t really do/say much for him. I am so happy Tina is shedding some light on this topic of his life!!

  2. Hi Amy… looking forward to your podcast with Michael Hutchence sister Tina. I’ve been a fan of Michael’s for many years; I had learned of his Traumatic Brain Injury only 3 years ago. In fact I’d say most don’t even know he suffered a TBI. His story is tragically heartbreaking but with people such as yourself and his sister Tina talking about it I believe will help many.

    • His story is going to raise a lot of awareness! I am so grateful his sister found one of my articles!

    • Yes, the same link is for the replay and is available to listen to right now! If your internet is slow, it can take awhile to buffer.

  3. I am Australian and have a TBI. I was unaware of Michael’s TBI. I can only imagine what he was going through with a TBI on stage and on tour. It sheds a whole new light on his story. I’ve just ordered the book.

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