Amy Zellmer Receives Silver Medal Award in the Midwest Book Awards | Author | Traumatic Brain Injury |

I am so excited to announce that my book Embracing the Journey: Moving Forward After Brain Injury received a Silver Medal Award in the “Health” category of the Midwest Book Awards last night.

Books from the 12 state region were considered for the awards and it is a humbling experience to be honored amongst some truly fabulous books!!

My book was one of the top three in the entire Health category.


Some of the judge’s comments include:

💚“Spunky! It is clear and concise and keeps the readers interest.”

💚“Enjoyable reading flow.”

💚“A well done book that helps people understand other people’s struggles.”

💚“Beautifully done!! Wonderful flow!”

💚“The relationship with concussion is well described and helps others dispel misconceptions about the seriousness of head trauma.

You can find my book on Amazon:


Upcoming Book About INXS Front Man, Michael Hutchence, to Feature Quote From Amy Zellmer |

michael hutchence, inxs, tbi, brain injury, concussion, tina hutchence,I am so excited to announce the upcoming book by Tina Hutchence, “Michael: My Brother, Lost Boy of INXS” is due out this September and features a quote from ME! 

I was approached by Tina, who is the sister of the late Michael Hutchence – front man and lead singer of INXS – if she could use a quote from one of my articles she had found on Huffington Post.

This news came the morning after I had received a really nasty email from one of my haters, so it really impacted me to know that my work is reaching thousands (if not millions) of people around the entire world.


I am much more emotional since my brain injury, as well as more intuitive. When I started chatting with Tina, I immediately knew I was going to become fast friends with her, and that her work was going to impact SOOO many people, and help create yet another conversation around TBI and how it affects more than 3.5 million Americans each year — and worldwide it is the number one cause of death.

Michael committed suicide in 1997 at the young age of 37. In her book, Tina talks about the challenges he must have faced living with a TBI and taking the stage — with flashing lights and loudsounds — every night on tour.

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Read more about Tina and the pre-order herbook HERE.

Faces of TBI Podcast Featured on BlogTalkRadio |

Iamy zellmer, podcast, faces of tbi, BlogTalkRadio, blog talk radio, received some pretty exciting news Friday afternoon from BlogTalkRadio telling me my podcast was being featured on their homepage under “Noteworthy” podcasts!

I have been producing my Faces of TBI podcast since September 2015 and this is the first time I have received a feature on their homepage, so it is truly exciting!

I was told to keep up the good work with fantastic content on my podcast, which tells me I am doing something right when a tiny little podcast about brain injury is being featured on a global website!

A year ago, my podcast was named one of the “top 100 Rising and Popular Podcasts” by Simms media, you can read more HERE.

The episode they featured is “Return to Learn” with Roni Robinson fromChildren’s Hospital of Philadelphia. You can listen to it HERE.

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HUGE thank you to my podcast sponsor, Midwest Functional Neurology, for making this podcast possible!!

Minneapolis VA TBI Group | Sponsor Needed

minneapolis, va, vets, tbiYesterday I had the honor of being a guest at the Minneapolis VA Hospital. I spoke to the Vets TBI outpatient support group, and was able to read a few passages from my book to them.

This group of Vets made me feel so very welcome, and I had an absolute blast. They had a lot of questions and comments, and were excited to ask me to come back to their group again (which I guess doesn’t always happen!)

Next week (Dec. 17th) they will be having their Holiday Party and gift exchange. What I would LOVE to do is bring them all a gift wrapped copy of my book for them to enjoy. And to bring a book to ALL the TBI groups at the VA (outpatient, inpatient, new patient) and also have a few extra copies on-hand for the staff to give to TBI patients/families before they go home from the hospital.

This is where I need YOUR HELP! I am seeking a sponsor to cover the $600 to make this Christmas Wish come true! Whether you’re able to give the whole amount, or a portion, it would be greatly appreciated. You can either be anonymous to the Vets, or I can create a beautiful silver foil label to place on each book that says “donated by XXX” with your name or company logo on it.

If you’re able to help make this a reality for the Minneapolis Vets, you can donate here: 

Words can’t even describe how elated I know these Vets will be! Your support will go a long way towards making this a Merry Christmas for this group!!