A Recap of My Trip to Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland

With Andy Wayne, Director of Marketing at Communications at MWPH

This past week I was on the road to Baltimore, MD where I had the pleasure of meeting with the amazing folks at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital (MWPH). 

They brought me out so that I could write a feature story on their amazing “Adventures Abilities” program, which allows some of their youth brain injury patients to attend a 10 day camp in Park City, UT.

I had the pleasure of interviewing six of their staff members:
– Dr. Richard M Katz, Chief Medical Officer
– Christy Sands, Senior Physical Therapist
– Dr. Joseph E Cleary, Pediatric Neuropsychologist
– Susan K Dubroff, Director for Rehabilitation Services
– Lindie A McDonough, Abilities Adventures

Interviewing Lindie McDonough, Director of Abilities Adventures and School Liason

And learning more about the hospital and their different programs:

Christy showing me their NeuroCom balance testing machine they use on all concussion/brain injury patients

I was beyond impressed with this hospital, which is a step-down hospital (meaning they have already been hospitalized and are now coming there to prepare for going back home). The entire staff is so incredibly kind and caring, and they have an amazingly high retention rate. They truly care about their patients and want to see them succeed in life. Once a child leaves the hospital, they continue to keep in touch with them!

The Abilities Adventures program is currently open to individuals who have been part of their brain injury rehabilitation program. All of the  staff I spoke with have had interaction with these kids at one point or another during the course of their stay, and as I mentioned before, they truly care about them.

Everyone was incredibly knowledgeable about concussions and brain injury, and I wouldn’t hesitate to send someone I know to this hospital.  If you’re familiar with my story and the amount of doctors I encountered who did nothing to help me, I am quite the critic when it comes to hospitals and clinics — and I give these guys an A+!

With Alicia Cignatta, Outreach Director for the BIA MD

Before I headed back home, I had a quick opportunity to meet the staff at the Maryland Brain Injury Association! Thanks to Alicia Cignatta, Outreach Coordinator, for reaching out to me on Twitter to connect!

I also had the pleasure of meeting Caitlin Exline Starr, Manager of Support Services, and Bryan Thomas Pugh, Executive Director.  They all took time out of their morning to come in early to meet with me as it fit into my busy schedule! I had a wonderful time chatting with them, and hearing about what they’re doing in MD!