Radio Interview on 107.7 WTPL The Pulse | National Concussion Awareness Day | Half Hour to Health

Concussion Awareness Day proclamation from Governor, Mark Dayton in Minnesota

Friday, September 15th was National Concussion Awareness Day  and I am proud to say that I received a proclamation from Minnesota Governor, Mark Dayton declaring it so!

I had so many great festivities going on for NCAD, and I left for my trip to Baltimore the day afterwards so I am just now getting around to sharing them with you!

First of all, I had Dr. Stephanie Mills and her daughter, Brooke Mills on my podcast series. Brooke is an 18 year old in NH who struggled through high school with a concussion. Last year she had the 3rdFriday of September declared National Concussion Awareness Day!!

You can listen to the episode: National Concussion Awareness Day Sept. 15th with Dr. Stephanie & Brooke Mills

Amy and Jeremy with the guys from Clear Edge

Additionally, Dr. Jeremy Schmoe and I held an Open House at his clinic: Minnesota Functional Neurology DC. He has helped me so much in my recovery over this past year, my hope is that everyone can find a doctor like him to snuff out their lingering TBI/concussion symptoms.

The amazing guys from Clear Edge were in town from Syracuse, NY and helped Jeremy and his staff do baseline testing in conjunction with NCAD as well! I wish I had had a baseline when I had my accident and I am passionate about this company and what they stand for in the world of concussion. More on that coming soon in a Huff Post article 🙂

Last but certainly not least, I was interviewed by Dr. Stephanie on her radio show “Half Hour to Health” on 107.7 WTPL The Pulse. She had me on to talk about my concussion journey as she extended NCAD through the weekend in NH! You can listen to the full episode below!

How did YOU celebrate National Concussion Awareness Day?!?