An Online Brain Health Summit for Those Affected by Brain Injury

An invitation to attend a FREE online event with over 20 renowned specialists in the brain injury community.

Dr. Jeremy Schmoe from Minnesota Functional Neurology and I saw a growing need in the brain injury community for more awareness and education about alternative healthcare methods and modalities for those who are still suffering from the lingering effect of brain injury.

During the month of March, in conjunction with Brain Injury Awareness Month, the summit will provide brain injury survivors with more than 20 of the most renowned specialists in the brain injury community, including doctors, caregivers, survivors, and other clinicians who are experienced in successfully treating brain injury.

The lineup includes: Dr. Jeremy Schmoe, Dr. Ryan Cedermark, Dr. Dan Engle, Dr. Michael Lewis, Mark Parrish, Sue Wilson, April Christopherson, Dr. David Traster, Drs. Erin & Elizabeth Anderson, Dr. Alina Fong, Dr. Deborah Zelinsky, Bridgett Wallace, Dr. Mario Dulay, Meg & Conner, Dr. Anne Kelly, and Dr. Ron Tarrel.

Topics include: – The Brain-Gut Axis – Rehabilitation – Patient Advocacy – Pro Athlete Advocacy – The Eye-Brain Connection – Vestibular Rehabilitation – Understanding Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD -Chiropractic Functional Neurology – Neuro Perception – CBD Oil for Recovery – Cognitive Rehabilitation – A Mother’s Perspective Of Her Elite Snowboarder Son’s Accident and Recovery – Cervical Spine and Headache Pain – Living Chronic Pain – A mother-son Journey – Apathy After Injury – Stress and Neuroplasticity – and much more

The 2018 Brain Health Online Summit is ideal for: Brain Injury Survivors, Caregivers, Loved Ones, Co-Workers, Healthcare Providers, Clinicians, and anyone interested in their overall Brain Health Function.

And best of all — it is completely FREE!

If you’re not able to attend all of the dates, no worries! Recordings will be available for purchase with a portion of all proceeds benefiting the Brain Injury Association of America.

For further information and to register:

WCCO Radio Interview | Dr. Uzma Samadani | Super Bowl 2018 | Minneapolis










This weekend I had the pleasure of being a guest on Roshini Rajkumar’s “News and Views” on WCCO radio, along with Neurosurgeon and brain injury researcher, Dr. Uzma Samadani.

We talked about Super Bowl 2018 here in Minneapolis, MN, CTE, football, my recovery, Samadani’s work, and so much more!

Check out my HuffPost article highlighting all of the events and innovators in the Twin Cities that will be featured this week in preparation for the big game!

Listen below and leave us some comment love!

My Newest Book is on Kickstarter

I am thrilled to announce that my newest book is almost ready for birth!

It is currently on Kickstarter to crowdsource the funding for production costs. It will be released in March … and I am planning a Washington DC book launch party — so stay tuned!

In the meantime, I would greatly appreciate your support: please consider backing the project by pre-ordering your copy NOW! If you don’t have my first book, you can grab the “book bundle” and get both books!!

“Embracing the Journey” is a sequel to my original book “Life With a Traumatic Brain Injury” and I couldn’t be more proud of the advocacy work I am doing to raise awareness and help educate those who don’t understand this invisible injury that affects over 2.8 million Americans each year!!

Kickstarter link:

Amy’s Custom Blends | Body Mist & Roll-On

The power of essential oils combined with the energy of crystals!! These little beauties are MAGICAL!


All purchases not only help YOU they also help ME continue with my advocacy work — and I thank you <3

Beginning DEC. 1st:
The FIRST FIVE to order a COMPLETE COLLECTION will receive a 1oz “pain relief salve” from Entangled Biome ($20 value) PLUS a roll-on lip balm from me ($8 value). 


Available as a body mist or roll-on … these little beauties will help give you added support for daily or supplemental use!!.

How do I use them??
Body Mist: squeeze a couple sprays onto your body and lightly rub in.
Roll-On: Roll onto your pulse points, temples, or bottoms of your feet and rub in.
Both ways offer you aromatic benefits as well as topical!

What do they cost?
2oz Body Mist $15
10ml Roll-On $12
plus shipping/handling of $2.50 each item
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(the roll-on is made with sweet almond oil as the carrier, so please advise if you have a nut allergy and I will substitute with grapeseed oil)



Amy’s Brain Blend is a combination of Frankincense, Cedarwood, Lavender, and Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oils, along with a bead of Crystal Quartz to amplify the energy!

choose your option


Lavender is a powerful oil for calm and sleep. Use as a pillow mist before bed, or roll onto your wrists and bottoms of your feet. Includes a piece of Amethyst for enhanced support — which is full of energy for sleep!!

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Peppermint is great for added energy throughout the day, as well as for minor aches and tension. Rub into your temples (careful of the eyes) or directly where you feel tension. Mist makes a great on-the-go boost; and also works as a coolant if you overheat easily!  Includes a piece of Crystal Quartz to help amplify your energy!

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This blend includes lemon and orange to help with mood. Orange is shown to help take us back to fond memories, while lemon is a natural energy and mood booster. Includes a piece of Rose Quartz to help increase happiness!

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This blend of oregano, cinnamon, and lemon is a powerful, natural blend to help fight off germs and keep you healthy year-round. Spray on your body and rub in throughout the day, or roll onto your chest or bottoms of your feet!! Includes a piece of Amethyst for additional immune support!J

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The Complete Collection!!!

Can’t decide which blend you want?? Get the complete collection, you won’t regret it 🙂
1 spray — Sleep Support
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1 roll-on — Immune Support
1 roll-on — Mood Support
1 roll-on — Energizing Blend
PLUS receive a Crystal Quartz point — carry it in your pocket, sleep with it under your pillow, or use in any way that you need extra energy or amplified support!
$60 plus $5 shipping/handling

TBI Author Talk

With the holiday season upon us, I thought it would be a great time to highlight some of my fellow TBI authors!

Each week I will host a Facebook Live video chat with an author. We will discuss their book, their journey, and what they’re up to next!

All you need to do is “like” my Facebook page so that the videos will pop up in your newsfeed!! All videos will be recorded and available on my page afterwards as well, however, if you can make the LIVE video you will have the opportunity to ask Q’s of the author and myself! 

All times are CST (+ 1 hour for EST and  -2 hours for PST)
Click on book titles to see more about the book.

Mon. Nov. 20th 10:30am 
Cavin Balaster — “How To Feed A Brain”

Tues. Nov. 21 6:30pm 
Cyndy Feasel — “After the Cheering Stops” 



Mon. Nov. 27th 10:30am
Carole Starr — “To Root and to Rise”


Mon. Dec. 4th 10:30am
Dr. Michael Lewis — “When Brains Collide”  





Tues. Dec. 12th 10:00am
Amanda Smart — “Grit”

 Mon. Dec. 18th TBD
Nick Dennen — “23: Time to Choose”

Radio Interview on 107.7 WTPL The Pulse | National Concussion Awareness Day | Half Hour to Health

Concussion Awareness Day proclamation from Governor, Mark Dayton in Minnesota

Friday, September 15th was National Concussion Awareness Day  and I am proud to say that I received a proclamation from Minnesota Governor, Mark Dayton declaring it so!

I had so many great festivities going on for NCAD, and I left for my trip to Baltimore the day afterwards so I am just now getting around to sharing them with you!

First of all, I had Dr. Stephanie Mills and her daughter, Brooke Mills on my podcast series. Brooke is an 18 year old in NH who struggled through high school with a concussion. Last year she had the 3rdFriday of September declared National Concussion Awareness Day!!

You can listen to the episode: National Concussion Awareness Day Sept. 15th with Dr. Stephanie & Brooke Mills

Amy and Jeremy with the guys from Clear Edge

Additionally, Dr. Jeremy Schmoe and I held an Open House at his clinic: Minnesota Functional Neurology DC. He has helped me so much in my recovery over this past year, my hope is that everyone can find a doctor like him to snuff out their lingering TBI/concussion symptoms.

The amazing guys from Clear Edge were in town from Syracuse, NY and helped Jeremy and his staff do baseline testing in conjunction with NCAD as well! I wish I had had a baseline when I had my accident and I am passionate about this company and what they stand for in the world of concussion. More on that coming soon in a Huff Post article 🙂

Last but certainly not least, I was interviewed by Dr. Stephanie on her radio show “Half Hour to Health” on 107.7 WTPL The Pulse. She had me on to talk about my concussion journey as she extended NCAD through the weekend in NH! You can listen to the full episode below!

How did YOU celebrate National Concussion Awareness Day?!?

A Recap of My Trip to Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland

With Andy Wayne, Director of Marketing at Communications at MWPH

This past week I was on the road to Baltimore, MD where I had the pleasure of meeting with the amazing folks at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital (MWPH). 

They brought me out so that I could write a feature story on their amazing “Adventures Abilities” program, which allows some of their youth brain injury patients to attend a 10 day camp in Park City, UT.

I had the pleasure of interviewing six of their staff members:
– Dr. Richard M Katz, Chief Medical Officer
– Christy Sands, Senior Physical Therapist
– Dr. Joseph E Cleary, Pediatric Neuropsychologist
– Susan K Dubroff, Director for Rehabilitation Services
– Lindie A McDonough, Abilities Adventures

Interviewing Lindie McDonough, Director of Abilities Adventures and School Liason

And learning more about the hospital and their different programs:

Christy showing me their NeuroCom balance testing machine they use on all concussion/brain injury patients

I was beyond impressed with this hospital, which is a step-down hospital (meaning they have already been hospitalized and are now coming there to prepare for going back home). The entire staff is so incredibly kind and caring, and they have an amazingly high retention rate. They truly care about their patients and want to see them succeed in life. Once a child leaves the hospital, they continue to keep in touch with them!

The Abilities Adventures program is currently open to individuals who have been part of their brain injury rehabilitation program. All of the  staff I spoke with have had interaction with these kids at one point or another during the course of their stay, and as I mentioned before, they truly care about them.

Everyone was incredibly knowledgeable about concussions and brain injury, and I wouldn’t hesitate to send someone I know to this hospital.  If you’re familiar with my story and the amount of doctors I encountered who did nothing to help me, I am quite the critic when it comes to hospitals and clinics — and I give these guys an A+!

With Alicia Cignatta, Outreach Director for the BIA MD

Before I headed back home, I had a quick opportunity to meet the staff at the Maryland Brain Injury Association! Thanks to Alicia Cignatta, Outreach Coordinator, for reaching out to me on Twitter to connect!

I also had the pleasure of meeting Caitlin Exline Starr, Manager of Support Services, and Bryan Thomas Pugh, Executive Director.  They all took time out of their morning to come in early to meet with me as it fit into my busy schedule! I had a wonderful time chatting with them, and hearing about what they’re doing in MD!