Double Vision

Life with a TBI


I got some fancy new glasses this week! I figure if you have to start wearing new glasses, one may as well go for the hot PINK frames!!


Ever since my fall and resulting TBI 21 months ago, i’ve known something is “off” with my left eye. I had never been able to quite articulate what it felt like, other than “wonky” or “off” or “pulling” or “depth perception is off”.

I had been to my regular eye doctor who verified that my vision was fine and hadn’t changed. She suggested I talk with my neurologist. The neurologist sent me to the neuro opthamologist, who asked if I was seeing double. Since I am NOT seeing two of everything, my answer was always “no”. My eye, muscles, and tendons all looked healthy and fine so everyone brushed me off. It was SO frustrating because I knew something wasn’t quite right.

Because I love my regular eye doctor that I have been seeing for probably 11 years or so, I decided to circle back to her. I knew she would dig deeper into it and try to figure out my problem, or send me to someone else who might be able to.

Throughout my exam she kept asking if I was seeing double. I always answered with a “no” because I didn’t think I was. Well, color me silly. Turns out I actually was all along. However, it wasn’t traditional double vision and I wasn’t exactly seeing two of everything. My left eye (which is also my dominate eye) wanted to work overtime so that I don’t see two of everything, yet the muscles were tracking inward and causing me to see double. But because it was working overtime, I wasn’t traditionally seeing double vision. The “feeling” I was experiencing was severe eye strain from my eye working SO HARD all day long.

My fabulous doctor and her staff helped me pick out my fancy new frames. They are basically prescription reading glasses that I wear over my contacts for reading and computer usage. They help keep that left eye looking straight instead of inward, and offer it some relief from fatigue. I am noticing a major difference in how my eye feels after wearing these for just a few days! Especially while working at the computer.

Her hope is that as my brain heals, the eye issues will resolve themselves. She is also sending me to vision therapy (which I had asked neuro for MONTHS ago). It is frustrating that I was brushed off by everyone in Neuro, and that this issue could have been somewhat resolved months ago. But I am very thankful for Dr. Hurst and her amazing patience and extra time that she spent with me.

When you’re a photographer, and your livelihood relies on healthy vision, it is a huge relief to know that they “should” resolve themselves as time heals. Thanks again Stef for being a truly exceptional doctor!! And let this be a lesson to everyone out there to trust your feelings when you know something isn’t quite right, and to keep digging deeper for answers until you find them. I had almost given up, but felt so miserable I was determined to get an answer! (yay to being stubborn!)

Life with a TBI