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You know the saying “Fake it till you make it”? Well, that’s how I fell when I have important meetings and interviews amidst a headache.

We’ve had some crazy spring weather here in Saint Paul, 70 one day then 40 and rainy the next.

And THAT, my friends, is what is a called a barometric pressure DROP. It wreaks havoc on my neck and head.

When my neck gets tight it shoots up through my head causing headaches and eye problems, it also flares up my speech timing problems and slows down my cognitive processing speed. It’s so frustrating, because I can technically “function” through it, but man will I crash afterwards.

I had two important interviews yesterday as well as a coaching client. I put on makeup and nice clothes and went about my day like normal people do. I probably blended in quite well. And if you don’t really know me, you wouldn’t necessarily notice the slight droop on my left side, my crazy “concussion” eyes, and the timing in my voice. But I notice it. and I know it’s still there. Heck, I feel it and live it, right?!

That’s the frustrating part of having an invisible injury. No one knows that you’re actually struggling just to get through the hour long conversation that you’re required to do. No one knows that you’re head is throbbing and you want to cry. No one knows that you’re going to go home and crawl into bed in a dark room and sleep for 3 hours before getting up for an hour and then going back to bed for the night. No one knows because on the outside we seem fine. 

The photo in this post is one that I took yesterday during my headachy day. On the left it shows how well I am at smiling and faking it. On the right is me feeling like my head is going to explode – yet I look relatively normal. Only someone who knows would even notice the face droop or the eyes.

Speaking of eyes … I learned some really great stuff at the Minnesota Brain Injury Conference last week, and created a short video to share with you some of my notes. I think you’ll really enjoy them. Watch here: https://www.facebook.com/amyzellmer/videos/10154307126031300/


6 thoughts on “Fake It Till You Make It | Life With a TBI | Weather and TBI

    • I am fighting back tears bc I have felt like no one around me really gets it, I was in a rn program 23 years ago, worked 3 pt jobs, we just purchased our first home on our own, had always been intelligent, bright, active, everything was going great and out out nowhere a hgudge truckdriver hit us on turnpick and everything changed, I died nit seemed but after a few months looked preety much the same. but I was no more myself, and my fiancé was in rehab and paralyzed and everyone was so concerned with him including myself, it was like I did not exsist which at time was okay but recently with nyears of therapy now, I see omg, I had many fractures, tbi, glass everywhere, could not read, write, bake, shop, tune out noises, remember thing, it goes on and on, anyway okay, I am going on and on, and I am supposed to be meeting husband outside and I saw your post and had to reach out so I will be back with another post okay ahnon Karter 207-873-2773

  1. I thought I was the only one. My husband calls me his personal barometer. Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone

  2. Thank you for being there when I was searching TBI, weather and eyes – as if this horrific summer weather isn’t enough, feel like this flutter is going to blow my eye out of my head…and nobody has a clue (or empathy either…) New to this – have been writing about invisible injuries…am coming to despise humanity.

  3. I have a brain injury, and today my head was extremely set off and then a storm hit. When I got home from work I googled if pressure affect my symptoms and found your Facebook video. I am so thankful that I am not the only one. It is sad and interesting that so many of us are suffering and symptoms and the doctors are saying there’s nothing wrong. Thanks for your post, at least I know I’m not crazy. Wishing you Health and happiness

  4. I am a 3 year TBI survivor, last 3 years I’ve been having tremendous pain during are winter/windy months. I’ve seen numerous of doctors and not once have they mentioned the Barometric Pressure. I just learned about this yesterday. Your story amd vedio have helped alot. Am glad am not the only one, I thought my head just hasn’t healed right. Thank you for your post.

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