Meet Lynn | Faces of Traumatic Brain Injury |

Name: Lynn Julian
Boston, MA

Date of your TBI: 10.1.2006 & 4.15.2013

How did your TBI happen: The first was a stage accident while I was a professional musician and the second was a result of the Boston Marathon bombing

What has been your biggest challenge post-TBI: There have been too many challenges to list because TV is an invisible injury. I feel like I have been on trial with my doctors, my family and my friends from day one. Because there is no external injury for them 2 visually look at, you constantly feel judged and forced to prove that your injury and pain are real.

What has been your biggest blessing post-TBI: The biggest help I have found in treating TBI medically is Hbot, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which heals brain tissue and provided me with very noticeable and immediate results. CBD oil before bed has also made it so that I can now sleep through the night, which makes the whole day easier. The biggest blessing, outside of Medical Treatments, is finding and connecting with other TBI survivors. They understand you and validate you, which allows you to move forward and continue to heal.

What is your biggest piece of advice to other TBIers and loved ones: TBI tribe… find a purpose for your life. Figure out what you’re passionate about and what makes you feel useful. I volunteer with the US pain Foundation, Leaftopia and the Massachusetts resiliency Center. This makes me feel of Youth and good about myself. Loved ones…You must Trust your gut and support a person with an invisible injury just as you would a person who was bleeding. Your support is as crucial as any other medical treatment.

What do you do to relax: My secret guilty pleasure is watching mindless TV. I watch shows of No depth or value so that I do not have to think it all. I also go to the gym every day and find that helps me release anger and calm down.

What do you do for fun: For fun I like to go to events in Boston… Concerts, charity events and dinner with friends.

What is your least-favorite household chore that stresses you out: Anything that forces me to think really stresses me out. Who knew that thinking could hurt? Ie cooking worn recipes that involve any kind of math stresses me out.

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