WCCO Radio Interview | Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness & Prevention

I received a phone call from Roshini Rajkumar this morning asking if I could be in-studio at WCCO radio to talk about traumatic brain injury and prevention after a local pee wee hockey coach died over the weekend as the result of a preventable TBI from a fall.

12 years ago the USA Hockey association mandated coaches wear helmets while on the ice, however, this coach did not have his helmet strapped on and it fell off before his head made impact with the ice.

Unfortunately I see kids with their straps dangling down while riding a bike, skateboard, etc. I also notice a lot of parents not even wearing a helmet while out for a bike ride with their kiddos. We need to LEAD BY EXAMPLE and talk about the very real dangers of brain injury — it can happen to anyone, anywhere, in the blink of an eye.

This coach’s tragic death was completely preventable, and I always appreciate the opportunity to spread awareness about this invisible injury that affects more than 3.5 million Americans each year.

Listen with the play button below:



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  1. Please send me the name of the women you interviewed on the radio about TBI my daughter was in a serious car accident and suffers from TBI I want to by the book I was driving and did not get the correct name (zimmer?) sheriefalink@gmail.com 651-675-6628

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