Book UPDATE | Hot off the press

Hello everyone!!!!

I am so excited to share that the books have finally arrived — all 20 some boxes of them are now lining the hallway of my loft!

I created a short video on Facebook if you’re interested:

I was out of town for Thanksgiving weekend, but will begin shipping them out next week to all the Contributors and Backers!

Please be patient with me — I have over 300 orders to ship out!! I am a one-woman show and doing this all on my own, so it is going to take me several weeks to get each and every order out to the post office!!

Additionally, I didn’t expect the large number of International orders and will go way over budget on shipping charges …. so a large chunk will be coming out of my own pocket — which will also cause me to take a bit longer to get the International books out!

Please, please, PLEASE be patient with me!! You will get your book in December …. all US books will be shipped via Media Mail which can take 5-7 days once I send it off to the Post Office. International orders take longer, and can also get hung up in customs. So please know that your book will be on it’s way shortly!!

The book is also now available on Amazon ….. please keep in mind that Amazon operates independently of me and my publisher. They “print on demand” when a book is ordered and ship within the same day. So you will likely get your copy from them before one you may have ordered from me or Kickstarter.