Meet Amy P. | Faces of TBI

amypName: Amy Pilotte
Manchester, NH

Date of your TBI: 07/12/14

How did your TBI happen: In a Car accident. I was rear ended while at a dead stop
What has been your biggest challenge post-TBI: Accepting my New normal & navigating with the limited resources available

What has been your biggest blessing post-TBI: Be able to connect & find others who are going through or have been through this bc like they say “you really don’t know until you’ve been through it”

What is your biggest piece of advice to other TBIers and loved ones: Never Give Up~ Listen to your body, recovery is a ongoing process!

What do you do to relax: Yoga. Meditation. Journal. Listen to music

What do you do for fun: Try to stay as positive as I can & set little goals for myself

What is your least-favorite household chore that stresses you out: Laundry & Cooking~ anything with multiple tasks if A Big task for me/my brain
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