WCCO Radio Interview | Amy Zellmer | Roshini Rajkumar | Minneapolis Talk Radio

WCCOI was thrilled when Roshini gave me a last-minute call asking if I was interested in being on her show last night, I will never turn down an opportunity to talk about traumatic brain injury (TBI) and concussion. Roshini is a great host, and I always have a lovely time chatting with her.

This segment is a real quick listen, about 10 minutes long. So give it a listen, and let me know your thoughts on some of the content we talk about!

One thought on “WCCO Radio Interview | Amy Zellmer | Roshini Rajkumar | Minneapolis Talk Radio

  1. I am a member of your gclosed group on Facebook TBI -Tribe ,my name is Daniel i have been totally involved in my pro-active medical treatment for my severe TBI which occurred in September 4th 2003 fell asleep at the wheel in the truck i was driving your all said and done a very inspiring and kind tbi survivor and speaks about very important guidelines that even a individual that can listen of prevention to not get one and the ways to handle and that person is you i want to get totally involved in learning to be a tbi advocate here in Northern California rural areas and educate people that they aren’t alone .message me in group i would really like to assist ,

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